Top Unique Ways to Use Lanyards

July 27, 2011

The term “lanyard” goes back to when lanyards were used as straps on ships, but today they are popular for helping to carry a variety of different things around their neck, wrists, or other body parts. They have become a popular option and you’ll find that there are so many great ways to use them as well. If you’re wondering how you can use lanyards, here is a look a several unique things you can do with them.

Way #1 – Use for Promotion

One of the most popular ways to use lanyards today happens to be for promotional uses. Many companies want to offer a nice gift that will keep the name of the company and their logo in the mind of their customers. Lanyards are a perfect promotional gift. They are reasonably priced, easy to customize, and they are sure to be used by customers as well. This offers you a great way to promote your business, whether you hand them out at your business location, at trade fairs, or at large conferences.

Way #2 – Keep Track of Digital Devices

Another of the unique ways that you can use a lanyard is to help you keep track of digital devices. Today most people walk around with a variety of digital devices. You can use lanyards to hold your cell phone, you rPDA, your iPod, your digital camera, and more. This makes it easy for you to keep your digital device with you without worrying about dropping it or losing it.

Way #3 – Camping Use

Camping use is another way that you can make use of lanyards. When you’re out camping in the woods, you have quite a few things you need to keep track of. If you’re doing some hiking, you’ll need smaller items like a compass or a good knife. The great thing is that a lanyard can make these items easy for you to carry. By wearing your knife, compass, or other item on a lanyard, it also helps you keep your hands free for other activities.

Way #4 – Keep Track of Items in Your Home

How many times have you misplaced your car keys or other items within your home? Most people have trouble keep track of things, but lanyards can definitely make that easier. Instead of tearing apart your whole house looking for the keys, lanyards can help you easily hang your keys up so you don’t lose them. Lanyards don’t just work for keys. You can also use them to hang other items in your home, making them easy to find and easily accessible as well.

Way #5 – Have Fun Creating Lanyards as a Hobby

Last, you can also use lanyards by creating them as a hobby. This has become a popular hobby and you can really get creative when you decide to create lanyards of your. Consider creating your own beaded options with customize bead designs. Braided and knotted lanyards can be made as well. This is just one more way to make use of lanyards and you’re sure to have fun creating some of these useful items on your own.

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