The Significance of Different Types of Lanyards

July 2, 2011

lanyardsRegardless of which product or item you think of, the advancement of technology has resulted in there being many different types of it. In different words, the technological evolution has resulted in there being multiple varieties of everything. There is nothing in this world that this statement is truer for than with lanyards. There are numerous varieties of lanyards available in the market primarily because of the multiple benefits that a simple device like a lanyard offers to people. However, different types of lanyards have different qualities and characteristics. The following is an analysis of the most common types of lanyards.

1. The common functional lanyards:
These are extremely easy to find and, despite the wide variety available, have a functional or operational role in the modern world. Simply speaking, these are lanyards whose main purpose is to help a person take care of various important belongings like identity cards, mobile phones, USB pen drives, badges, cameras and many others. These are also the cheap lanyard. Furthermore, many providers of these types of lanyards also offer their customization on the basis of the buyer’s specific needs.

2. Stylish modern lanyards:
These are lanyards that some people buy simply for the sake of style and fashion. Beaded lanyards can easily fall under this category because one of their main purposes is to look good. In fact, the looks factor is so important with these types of lanyards that they are often made with expensive material like pearl, jade, topaz and similar semi precious material. Beaded lanyards are often provided with high end electronic equipment like cameras and USB pen drives.

3. The traditional military lanyards:
Lanyards owe their origination to the military because their primary function was to keep cavalry and naval officers from losing or misplacing important equipment. This important equipment could have been anything ranging from a simple whistle used during drills to something as important as a pistol. Owing to this type of history, some military lanyards have become so rare that collectors and military enthusiasts of the modern world pay top money to own them. As a result of this, any significant military lanyard is likely to cost you a good deal of money.

4. The woven cultural lanyards:
Even though military lanyards are expensive, nothing is more expensive than a truly antique woven lanyard. Woven lanyards are mainly cultural representations of days gone by or even faraway places. It is this aspect of these lanyards that makes people covet and desire them. Furthermore, in case of some types of woven lanyards, there are also multiple myths, stories and legends attached which makes them especially attractive to romantic collectors all over the world.

While for a collector it may be an enriching and educating experience to track down and acquire ownership of traditional military or woven lanyards, for a modern man nothing would be more valuable than a lanyard that does what it is made for satisfactorily. It is also worth noting that the primary objective of lanyards i.e. safekeeping the equipment in question, is something that corporate firms use very well.

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