The Fun Lanyard

July 11, 2012

Most people buy lanyards to carry various items. They get them to carry their keys or to display their ID. They may even purchase cords to carry cell phone or MP3 players. These are all wonderful practical uses for a lanyard, but it should be known that the lanyard can be used as a fun gadget as well.

The lanyard makes a great birthday gift for that hard to buy for individual. The cord can be customized to have the person’s name on it and their date of birth. For those who do not wish to have their actual age revealed, a simple happy birthday or a cute phrase can be written on. This principle does not stop with birthdays, it can apply to any function. They cords can be designed to fit in to a New Year’s party, an anniversary or a family reunion.

Lanyards can be used at family picnics by all of the children. There are few kids that can resist the allure of blowing bubbles. A simple way of making this activity more fun is to keep the soap on a lanyard. This carrying method reduces the chances of the soap being spilled and wasted. Furthermore, all of the wands can be attached to the cords which will keep everything together so that it can be used at the next family get together.

The lanyard can be used in conjunction with water fights. The handy lanyard makes the perfect place to keep all of those small water balloons which need to be filled. Additionally, it can be used to help with clean-up. The kids can pick up all those small pieces while they are playing and store them in a pouch.

Cords can be utilized with all kinds of various scavenger hunts. The pouch or plastic case presents a perfect place for the list to be kept. Furthermore, many of the

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