School Lanyards – Security Use

July 9, 2012

School lanyards are used for a number of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is to increase security.

Increasing security is a two part process. The first is to decide how the lanyard will be used. For example, many schools are providing their students with ID cards. They are not only giving them ID cards they are requesting that every student wear and display the card while they are on the school grounds. The second part is to make certain that the child have a way to display the ID. Many institutions prefer that all of the students use the lanyard system.

Schools can take further advantage of the lanyard by using a color coded system. For example they could request that every child in a particular grade have the same color of cord. If the faculty is also being asked to wear ID, they could have a different color of cords.

The lanyard could be color coded by usage. In this kind of a system all the students would have a particular color of lanyard which they used to carry their personal ID. However, lanyards of different colors would be used for other reasons. For example many schools do not permit students in the hallways during class time. Any student that was not in class would have a lanyard indicating that they had permission to be in the corridor. A child arriving to class late might be issued a green cord in the office. These same cords could be used by students who were given permission to return to their locker for a forgotten book or paper.

Lanyards can also be used by visitors to the school. Any person who had a valid reason for being on the grounds would be given a cord when they arrived. Any parent who was at the school to pick up a child early would have to report to the office and obtain a lanyard prior to wandering the hallways. This same principal would apply to individuals who were doing maintenance work or making deliveries. Other staff in the school might also be included in this scheme. All of the people who worked in the cafeteria would have a particular color of cord as would those who were apart of the janitorial team.

Any school which is considering implementing a lanyard system should think about getting the safety breakaway feature. This buckle is a safety option which children should always have on their lanyard. This buckle is designed to release the second that the cord is placed under any kind of stress. This gadget will lessen the chances of a student receiving any kind of neck or throat injury.

This option is not just for students it is one which should be utilized by any person who is directly involved with the public or ahs to work around any kind of machinery.

School lanyards are a simple and inexpensive way for a school to increase security.

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