Blank Lanyards and Schools

March 29, 2012

Schools frequently opt to order blank lanyards. They prefer not to have the name of the school on the cord for security reasons. Sadly, a school may have to be concerned about people seeing the name of the school on a lanyard worn by a child. To make certain that the students can wear a lanyard, but not be associated with a particular school the facilities choose to purchase blank lanyards.

Why do schools want their student’s to wear and use lanyards?

Students are often required to wear and display their ID at all times while they are on the grounds. The lanyard is the perfect means of complying with this request. A lanyard will not damage a person’s clothing. Pins and clips can cause tears, or holes to delicate fabrics.

Lanyards can be worn by anybody. Regardless of a person’s size or gender they can wear a lanyard.

Another option that many facilities choose to include is the safety breakaway feature. This clasp is at the back of the cord. It is designed to open instantly if the cord is jerked in any way. This means that if the lanyard is grabbed by another person it will instantly release. This means that the wearer will not suffer an injury due to the cord. A cord can cause various throat or neck injuries if it is suddenly pulled. This wonderful device can be included on virtually any kind of lanyard. Additionally, it can be utilized with any attachment or clasp. This option will also release if the lanyard becomes caught or snagged.

If a school does decide to choose blank lanyards they can still custom the lanyard in a number of different ways. They can select a particular color for each grade. For example, the grade seven could be asked to wear a blue cord and the grade eights could wear yellow.

Blank lanyards and the color system can be used for other reasons. For example, the daily ID carrying lanyard would be blue. However, if a student needed to be in the hall for any reason during class time they could be given a red lanyard. These would be given to the student by either the office or a teacher. For example if a student needed to return to their locker for a forgotten text book the teacher could give the child a red lanyard to wear. This lanyard would tell other teachers and security personal that the student had permission to be in the hall. Once the child returned to the classroom they would return the cord to the teacher,

This same system can be used by visitor to the school; any person who was visiting the school would be issued a red lanyard at the office. All guests to the school would be required to follow this safety protocol. This includes parents, delivery staff and students from other schools.

Blank lanyards are a great item for any school to have on hand. They are inexpensive and they are versatile.

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