The Lanyard at School Events

March 21, 2012

Throughout the school year there are numerous function and events. Each one of these functions presents a security risk to the students and the faculty. However these risks can be reduced by utilizing lanyards.

A School Dance

A dance is going to involve a lot of people entering and exiting the school. Many of these individuals will not be recognized by either the faculty or security personal. This situation can be remedied by making certain that all guests in the school can be identified by a lanyard.

Each guest who enters the building would have to enter through a specific door. Once inside they would be asked to identify themselves and would then be issued a lanyard. These lanyards could be very simple. A traditional lanyard could be issued that used the school colors.

If a school want to know why a person is at the event they can use lanyards to do this. For example, the color of the lanyard could be used to indicate a person`s designation. All guests could be required to wear red and chaperones could be asked to wear blue. An alternative method would be to utilize the attachment to identify the person. Laminated cards could be attached to the bull clip. Cards could be printed which indicated if a person was working in the kitchen or in the parking lot. I.e. the cards could be color coded and have the person’s exact position written on them.

Lanyards are ideal for this purpose because they can be worn and utilized by anyone. The size, age and gender of the person will not make a difference. Furthermore, it does not matter what the person is wearing. Lanyards can be worn over anything and they will not harm the individual’s clothes.

Another great thing about using lanyards for this purpose is the fact that they can be reused. As each person left the event they would be asked to return the lanyard. These lanyards could then be used at the next school function.

School dances are not the only event where lanyard could be used in this fashion. They could be used at any event including sport tournaments, open house and meet the teacher nights. These lanyards could also be utilized during school hours. Any and all individuals who need to be on the school premises would be asked to get a lanyard at the office. They would be required to wear the lanyard until they had completed their business.

Lanyards are an inexpensive way for schools to increase their effort at security. Schools can order lanyards online and use them for years. Furthermore, they can be used for years and schools can customize them to their exact specifications. They can determine which colors to use and which attachments will make the school lanyards ideal for them.

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