Breakaway Lanyards – Many Useful Purposes

March 21, 2012

Breakaway lanyards are an item which all children should employ. For various reasons children are being asked to wear and use lanyards.

Schools are asking that children wear and display ID while they are on school grounds. This is being done, to ensure that the faculty and security personal can instantly recognize that the pupil has the right to be on the property. Additionally, the IDs are being used by certain institutions as a key. The school includes a special swipe strip on the ID, which doubles as a data bar.

The information on the bar includes can include everything from a menu plan to the key to the dorm room. In fact, some schools are combining their efforts with those of the city. Public transportation information is being included on the strip. For example if the student needs to ride the bus every day they can have their bus pass information encoded into the strip. This means that the student does not have to worry about carrying both a bus pass and their ID.

Children, who are carrying their ID on a lanyard, need to make certain that they are wearing one which has a safety breakaway feature. This buckle will spring open if it gets tugged. For example if the child is involved in any kind of altercation on the playground, another student cannot grab the cord and pull it. If they do the cord will release instantly and the wearer will not be injured by the cord. This same principal applies if the cord gets caught or snagged while the child is playing.


There are hundreds of companies which require that all of their cashiers carry their keys on a lanyard. This procedure reduces the chances of the key being either lost or misplaced. If for any reason another individual attempts to grab the key, the cord will open instantly. This procedure is also used when in comes to keys for display cases.

Security Personal

There are hundreds of individuals who are involved in the field of security; this could be either directly or indirectly. For safety reasons these people must be made to wear breakaway lanyards. Failure to wear a lanyard which will release could result in the cord being used as a weapon against the person. Alternatively, the wearer might suffer a serious injury. The cord could cause a burn or a throat injury.

Many people do not even realize that they are at risk. They do not consider their position to be one where they might be at risk. This could include people who volunteer in the neighborhood watch or those who might be helping at the local high school dance.

Those people who work directly in this field i.e. police, airport security or border patrol, may not be permitted to have any kind of item hanging around their neck. This regulation may be circumvented if the person opts to wear a safety lanyard.

Breakaway lanyards should be worn by any person who may be at risk if they are wearing a standard lanyard.

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