A Popular Choice – Safety Breakaway Lanyards

May 23, 2011

Safety breakaway lanyardThe safety breakaway lanyard is a popular choice among lanyard wearers. It combines convenience and security into one. Specially designed to release if given a sharp tug or pull, this is the perfect lanyard for any person who might be concerned about the lanyard becoming entangled or that wants to be able to remove the attachable portion of the lanyard fast.

If you are an avid fisherman, the lanyard is the perfect place to carry a set of needle nose pliers. What makes the safety breakaway lanyard the right choice is the fact that you can quickly release it if you do get a big fish on the line. Additionally, if you are fishing with a friend, and you need to give them the tool. You can do so easily. There is nothing worse than having a large fish flopping and struggling while you are trying to locate the pliers.

This same concept applies to any kind of tool that you may want to tie onto the lanyard. There are times when you need to act quickly. If you are using the lanyard in the same way that the old fisherman did and have a knife attached, you may not have time to pull it over your head. You need the item now! A lanyard that breaks easily will allow you to be able to have the knife free in a heartbeat.

The safety breakaway lanyard also makes it possible for people to wear lanyards that might be concerned with a standard lanyard being an actual hazard. When you are biking down the road you do not have to worry that if you reach down to check the pedal on the bike, your lanyard might become entangled. If this does happen you know that it will release, and you will not have to be concerned about falling.

Safety lanyards are great for people who want and need to carry their ID around their neck, but might have to worry about injury. Any good self defense course will tell you that you should never wear anything around your neck that could be used to choke or manipulate you. They even go so far as to say that any person required to wear a necktie, as part of a dress code, should make certain that it is of the clip-on variety.

The quick release is the best option for active children to wear. Kids like to climb and they often forget that they are wearing a lanyard. As a parent you want to make certain that if your child is wearing their house keys on a lanyard it is not going to choke or hurt them if they get the lanyard caught while playing.

You never want to take chances when it comes to safety and personal injury. Wearing your ID on display may be necessary for the security of the company, but you do not want to be a hazard to you. Do not take the risk. Get a safety breakaway lanyard and ensure that you have the best solution in all situations.

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