Safety Breakaway Lanyards

April 20, 2012

Safety breakaway lanyards are an inexpensive way to increase your personal safety. No matter where you are or what you are doing, safety should always be at the top of your priority list. By simply wearing a lanyard with the correct clasp you can reduce the chances of being a victim to an attack, or risking your health.

Many people have taken to carrying person safety products. These include items like tear gas and pepper sprays. Both of these items can help you to escape an attacker, but only if you are able to reach them. If you are attacked and your safety device is in your purse, you may not be able to reach it. However, if you had the spray on a cord around your neck it would be easy to reach and activate.

This same principal applies to defensive safety products. Many individuals choose to carry items like horns and whistles. The advantage of wearing these items is the fact that they cannot be turned against you.

Animal repellents are another item which numerous individuals have started carrying. Sadly, not every per owner keeps their dog under control. If you are approached by a strange dog these repellents will scare the animal. Once again these products are only going to be useful if they are accessible to you at the moment that you need them.

People do not like to be without their cell phones. People often forget that a cell phone will not only permit you to make an emergency call, it can be utilized as a tracking device. If you do become lost or are unable to make an emergency, recue services can locate you by the tracking unit in your phone.

Lanyards can carry numerous other safety devices including GPS units. This product will ensure that no matter where you are or what the weather is like, a rescue team can locate you within seconds. If you are in a remote region, your cell phone may not be reliable.

A simple flashlight can prove to be extremely useful. Merely having a light on while you are out walking will deter many attackers. They can also ensure that you can see the ground if you are traversing across uneven ground. Depending upon the flashlight, they can be attached to a cord using either a standard hook or a carbineer.

If you are planning to use a lanyard for your personal protection you should consider getting a lanyard which has the breakaway safety feature. This device will spring apart if it is caught or tugged. This buckle can reduce the chances of getting a rope burn, or suffering a neck injury.

Lanyards can be worn anywhere, they are light and easy to carry. You should also remember that they can be utilized to hold more than one item at a time. If you want you can have both a whistle and a flashlight on the same cord. Alternatively, you could carry a cell phone and a bottle of pepper spray on your lanyard. Take a memo from the scouts buy a lanyard and be prepared.

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