Tips For Ordering Custom Lanyards

April 20, 2012

Ordering custom lanyards online is a fast process. However, as a buyer you can make the procedure even faster by being prepared for the questions that a company is going to ask. Below is a list of some of those questions and ideas about ways to prepare yourself and your company, prior to placing an order.

The Clasp

The attachment that is on the lanyard is one of the most important aspects of the cord. This is the part which will determine if your clients will use the lanyard or regulate it to a drawer. As a buyer you should know in advance which clasp will be of the most benefit to your clients. If you believe that they will be using the cord to carry keys then you should select one of the key ring options. Although keys can be carried on standard hooks, they will be more secure on a slip ring.

Cord Options

The snap buckle is an option that is actually on the cord and not a part of the attachment. This buckle is located about two inches above the clasp. It can be opened by the wearer if they wish to remove the attachment and the item which they are carrying.

The safety buckle breakaway feature is another cord option. This particular feature is at the back of the lanyard. This clasp releases on its own. It does not require the wearer to do anything. This buckle will spring open the instant that it is placed under any kind of strain. The addition of this buckle greatly reduces the chance of the wearer suffering any kind of injury due to the cord. A cord which gets caught or is pulled could potentially cause a nasty rope burn or a serious throat injury.

The Fabric

Another question that as a buyer you will need to answer is the kind of material you wish to select. You may not think that the material is going to make a large difference. However, various fabrics are more suited to certain applications than others. Additionally materials can and do create a mood. Satin is considered to be a material of the wealthy. If you want to use the lanyard as an award or to promote a classy image satin is perfect. On the other hand if you are selecting lanyards for a school, you may want to choose a sportier material and one that is easier to wash. A nylon or polyester cord would be more suitable to this application.

Another matter that you will have to consider is the way that you want to have the lanyard made. If you are creating a simple lanyard, you might want to pick the

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