Lanyards as Advertising Products

April 30, 2012

What should a company look for when selecting a promotional product? There are number types of promotional items available. However, they do not all have the same advantages that a lanyards do.

Naturally a business is going to be concerned with the price of the item. They want to get an item which is not going to cost them a lot of money. Lanyards are available at wholesale prices. This means that a buyer can take advantage of discount prices if they are able to make a bulk purchase. Furthermore, many suppliers are willing to waive the shipping and handling fees for big orders.

In order for an item to be effective it must represent the company. This means that it has to have the name of the business printed on it, or at the least have the company’s logo. A great item will be able to have both. Additionally, an item should have information about how to contact the company. This could be the address of the business, their website or their phone number.

A lanyard can be completely customized. The name and or logo can be included on the cord. There is also enough space for a means of contact. The lanyard can also be designed using the company colors.

When choosing an item, it is important that it can be utilized by as many individuals as possible. Many items target a particular group of people. The product might be geared towards a certain gender, or age. However, the lanyard is an item which can be used by anyone of any age. The gender, size and age of the wearer does not make a difference.

The entire purpose of purchasing a promotional item is to generate awareness. This means that you want to select an item which is going to be highly visible. A lanyard is normally worn around a person’s neck. This means that everywhere a person goes wearing the cord it will be seen by anyone who comes into contact with the wearer.

The life span of the product is important. A product which is only going to last a few days, will not be of much value. The lanyard on the other hand can last for years.

Space is another factor which companies will have to think about. If the products being chosen are large of bulky they might need a large amount of room. Lanyards, even hundreds of them require little space. Additionally, they do not have any special storage requirements. They are not affected by either the cold or the heat. Cords are not fragile. This means that there is little chance of the lanyard being damaged while they are being stored or transported.

These are only a few of the reasons that a lanyard makes an ideal promotional product. There are many more. If your company wants to use a promotional item as part of an advertizing campaign, it is important they consider all of these things. Once they have done this, it will be obvious that the lanyard is one of the very best choices.

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