Cheap Lanyards For Advertising

March 5, 2012

There are three main steps in purchasing cheap lanyards for your advertising business. All of these phases will increase the lanyard’s ability to be effective.

The first step in this process is planning. Prior to anything else you should have a good idea of what you want the final lanyard to look like and what you want it say. Additionally, you should have a good idea about how and where you intend to distribute the lanyards. The next step is to find a reliable supplier. And the third step is to put your distribution plan into action.

Prior to contacting a supplier you need to plan out your lanyard. This phase involves knowing exactly what a producer can and cannot do and how your choices will affect your customers. You decisions will include materials, printing and the attachment.

Consider the material from which the lanyard is going to be manufactured. Your customers may want to be able to wash and dry the lanyard frequently. This is often the case if they intend to wear the lanyard while they are engaging in a sporting activity of some kind. However, if the person is going to be using the cord to carry their ID to work this may not be a primary concern.


You should also know what you want the lanyard to read. Do you intend to have the name of your business printed on the cord or to have the logo? Perhaps you are attempting to introduce a new logo. If you are intending to introduce a new logo you might want to have both the logo and the name of the company on the cord. Furthermore you will need to have a good idea about the style and font of lettering which will best suit your business.

The clasp which you choose should reflect the needs of your customers. There are numerous attachments for you to choose from. However, it is up to you to determine which one your clients will want to use in their daily life.

The next step of the process involves selecting a reliable supplier. There are countless manufacturers online, however not all of them are reliable. Before you spend a cent you have to ascertain if the company is going to be able to meet your needs. It does not take long to do a bit of online research. Check with consumer services and determine if there are any complaints against the company. Additionally see if you can find out details regarding the business’ history. You do not want to get conned.

One of the most common ways to distribute lanyards is at trade shows and conventions. These are ideal if the show is going to target individuals which could prove to be useful contacts in the future. Local causes and sports teams are also valuable places to hand out your lanyards. If these are going to be a part of your distribution plan, you might want to think about contacting the group prior to designing the lanyard. Numerous groups may be more receptive to your product if you work together on the actual design of the lanyard. The group may want to have their name on the cord in return for their wearing the lanyard.

Lanyards are an effective advertizing product. In fact, they are one of the best. However, as the buyer you need to follow all these guidelines if you want to get the most out of your advertizing lanyards.

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