Customized Lanyards as Promotional Products

July 2, 2012

The customized lanyard is an item which has proven to be one of the most effective promotional items on the market. Why? If you do not know the answer to this question the following article will describe a few of the reasons why the lanyard is an ideal promotional product.

The lanyard has an extremely long life. Compare the fact that a well made lanyard can last for years to the life of a promotional pen which may only hold out for a few months at best. It is not difficult to see which makes the better choice.

An item which some companies choose is a coffee mug. Compare the mug’s fragility to that of the lanyard. Coffee mugs can be easily damaged during shipping and handling, whereas there is little chance of a lanyard being damaged. Additionally the mug can suffer these kinds of incidents once it is in the hands of the recipient. The lanyard on the hand is an item which is extremely hardy. There is little chance of any harm coming to it during its long life.

The lanyard is one of the least expensive promotional items. The cost of a single unit is only about a dollar. Further savings can be ginned if a company is able to make bulk purchases.

Traditionally the lanyard is an item which is worn around a person’s neck. This makes it a highly visible product. While being worn every person seeing the wearer will also see the cord. Coffee mugs and pen often get hidden away in a person’s cubical or office, where few people are able to see them.

The lanyard does not take up a lot of space. This means that if you do have to store the cords for any length of time you can do so in a tiny amount of room. Additionally, the lanyard does not have any special storage needs which means that they can be stored in unheated areas or places which get very warm.

They are also light and resilient so they can be moved and transported easily.

Lanyards are an item which can be worn and utilized by anybody. They are not specific to any age or gender. Additionally, they can be worn in the office, at work, or when a person is on the go.

The lanyard is able to offer the purchaser a wide range of choices during the production phase. The buyer can choose the style, the material and the wording on the cord. Additionally, the buyer can select the colors, the font and the clasp which will be attached.

These are only a few of the numerous reasons why lanyards make an ideal promotional tool. If you are searching for this kind of product you should place the lanyard at the top of your list.

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