Custom lanyards – Promotional Product Pioneer.

January 3, 2011

Custom lanyards have emerged as a pioneer advertising and promotional product. It is a not only a low cost and readily available product, but also widely used on a daily basis in offices, conferences, professional gathering and more.

Lanyards a Perfect promotional Product:

The use of custom lanyards in our work place, offices and business environment is not uncommon in this days and age. In fact lanyard has become an essential part of our daily wardrobe to be worn around our neck and carry our ID badge and valuable possessions. The display of you ID card is not only limited in our office any more, but they are also worn to conferences, trade shows and even during sporting event to name a few. So it is not surprising that custom lanyard has becoming one of the pioneer advertising and promotional product. It is a not only a low cost and readily available product and can be customized according to your need. From office staffs, student, employees to doctors, nurses and even the army and nave uses lanyards.

What makes a Custom lanyard and effective promotional accessory?

Apart from the fact that custom lanyard is visible and all around us throughout the day, the position where the lanyards are worn makes it a prime target by advertising agencies and companies who wish to spread out their message on a regular basis. Given the advantage that custom lanyards provide, the cost of designing one is relative cheap. In this day and age of mass media, YouTube, twitter and iPhones, less and less people rely on radio and television to get their information. Thus companies around the world are looking for more creative and less expensive way to promoting the product or name. And lanyards fit right in to the box.

Most people wear lanyards around the neck to carry their ID card and often use badge holder to protect it from damaging. As stated earlier, the position where the custom lanyard is worn makes it the perfect candidate to display or promote your business name. Not many things are worn around our neck during office visit or in professional environment. Custom lanyard is acceptable accessory that is not only visible and easily recognizable but also adds a fashion to your dressing with its colorful and attractive touch. It is not uncommon for many of us to spent anywhere between 2 to 3 hours outside of our work place during office business visit, outside lunch or even during our way to work in metro rail or buses. This makes it possible to have your company name or product to general public and to potential customer at a very reasonable cost.

What lanyard material to consider when ordering one:

Nylon lanyards: This type of material is a better choice for your customized lanyards especially when you have the need to print a niche and colorful company logo to go along with the name or product information. Due to its smooth and sleek surface it is possible to almost anything and everything on to this type of lanyards.

Polyester lanyards: are made from high-quality polyester material and screen printing process is used to print the company logo, name and website address and more. A accurate heat treatment process is used that helps to retain the print for a long period of time and project form daily wear and tear.

Tube lanyards: These type of lanyards and suitable for large volume friendly and affordable option for a variety of display and promotional applications. It is possible to virtually print any form of text on to the surface, but is not recommended when there is a logo or image to go along with the text. They texture is more like a shoe lace and thus the name tube is derived.

Woven Lanyards: They are manufactured from strong quality material and are closely packed polyester material which creates a smoother and niche surface to embroider your company name of even the logo. Relatively expensive but the final outcome of the woven lanyards make them one of the most desired lanyards type of all.

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