Materials Used For Lanyards

December 13, 2010

Look around you and you are definitely going to find at least one lanyard or its evolved from nearby. Don’t see anything? well then look at your wrist. No lanyards still?? Only a watch is there. Hey, look closely and you will find that the watch clings to your wrist due to the lanyard which you probably call a watch strap.

Lanyards are a part of everyday life and we are often not very attentive in picking them out. Take another example, your office probably gives you an ID card holder every day when you enter in your organization. You put it on your chest with the help of what? Yes, there you have found another lanyard in your every day surrounding. And that is not all. A train, buses, watches are all employing some or the other form of lanyards.

Lanyards are manufactured in variety of designs and styles and while keeping various people in mind.

If you are looking for a low budget lanyard then try some un-printed lanyard. There are many available with a whole lot of range in colors to choose from. Printed lanyards come with different text messages or logos embedded on their outer surface.

Another very fashionable and in-fashion lanyard type is heat transfer lanyard. Designed with the customer’s needs kept in mind, it is a lanyard which goes best for a complicated company logo with shaded colors and fine details.

Woven lanyards work very well with the luxury style and hard wearing.

Promotional lanyards are a very important aspect of today’s marketing business. They are often carrying the brand logo or an image of the newest product out. They can in various designs like Dye-sublimated multi color or silk screen imprinted lanyards. Usually cotton and plastic is used for the manufacturing and they cover their price in the form of durability and a long lasting imprint.

Heavy duty lanyards are often used with swivel hooks, or bull dog clips or woven split rings. They also have sharp logo imprints for advertising purpose.

Then there is a lot of variety available in the form of adjustable Easy-zip-Lanyard and it is especially designed for easy to carry and multifunction for new millennium. It uses high quality zipper, zipper slider and with special add-on functions of detachable cell phone hanger.

Whistle lanyards come in different styles for easy to carry small items like bottle of water, whistles or badges.

Eco friendly materials

With the buzz of eco friendly materials being preferred for every type of useable item, lanyard manufacturers are also making a positive contribution. Plant silk, bamboo fiber , recycled PET, PET Dye sublimation, bamboo stock, tubular polyester, flat polyester, flat weave nylon , Hi vis, dye sublimation, wool and satin applique are the main raw materials for this cause.

Last Word

The lanyards history and their modern day use show that how simple cords utilized by navy at sea now made their way in the form of an advertiser as well as a fashionable item.

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