Bamboo Lanyards

March 7, 2011

Sound strange? The bamboo fabric lanyard is just one of the things that lanyard manufacturers are doing to create a more eco-friendly product. What makes the bamboo fiber ideal in lanyard use?

The bamboo plant is one of the fastest growing plants in nature. It is due this rapid rate of growth that farmers can easily meet the present needs of the market and will be able to keep pace with increasing demands. The plant itself is very hardy and resilient. It does not require the use of chemicals or pesticide to ensure a healthy crop. At present much of the bamboo is grown in China but this is changing. The plant is hardy enough to grow in virtually any climate and in various different types of soil.

Once the plant is mature enough it is harvested and then turned into cloth. The fibers that the plant produces are extremely strong and durable are can be made into a number of different goods. In its unspun form, the bamboo is actually similar to that of cotton. It is light and fluffy and can easily be transformed into thin threads which can then be woven into cloth. This cloth is as strong if not stronger than its cotton counterpart.

Another great thing about the bamboo cloth is that it does not require a lot of chemicals to transform it into a usable material. In terms of conservation this means less chemicals being used and then dumped into landfills.

Bamboo is also a material that very few people find irritating. There are many individuals who experience allergenic reaction to different materials and the chemicals used in their production. Even those people who are allergic to wool or cotton find that they do not suffer from any adverse effects from the bamboo cloth. The cloth is soft and smooth and can be worn next to the skin without any kind of rash or irritation.

A very unique property of bamboo fabric is that it does have some natural antiseptic properties. Regardless of the numbers of times the item is cleaned it is able to retain this quality. This special ability allows the lanyard to be able to kill off many odour-causing bacteria that may find their way onto the lanyard and keep it smelling fresh and clean longer.

The cloth that is produced by the bamboo plant is very absorbent. It can actually absorb almost three times its own weight. In terms of manufacturing this quality means that the producers can use less dye to produce the desired color. It also means that any dye that a company uses will be absorbed into the lanyard quickly and easily. Lanyards that are made of this wonderful fabric will retain their color much longer than many other materials.

A bamboo cloth lanyard will last for many years before it will need to be replaced. However, when you do find that you need to purchase a new lanyard you can get rid of the old one with the knowledge that it is biodegradable. A biodegradable, natural product will quickly and easily decompose and will not add to the local landfill.

Lanyards are gaining in popularity every day. More and more individuals are recognizing and appreciating the value of these useful items and as the market for these items increases it is great to know that the manufacturers are doing everything possible to ensure that their product is not adding to the problem waste on this planet.

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