Inexpensive Advertising Ideas and Tips

June 29, 2013

AdvertisingThere is no substitute for good advertising. This simple principal applies to every single business. Without a great campaign, a business will fail.

Unfortunately, many small companies do not have the money or the time to promote their business. Moreover, in many cases, they do not have the experience or expertise needed. Luckily, for smaller companies, there are things that they can do which will be effective.

In this age of high tech equipment, people often forget that the old methods of advertising can be just as effective as the new ones and many of them are much cheaper.

If you are starting a small local business, you have to become part of the community. A great place to begin is to get involved with local teams and clubs. If you can, choose to support a team that attracts people who could be directly related to your service.

How can sponsoring a team help? You could have the name of your company printed on the team uniforms. Additionally, many teams will permit sponsors to hang banners at their games or events. You might also want to try purchasing other visible items for the team like lanyards. You may even be able to get the team to hand out tokens to other teams or clubs.

Another idea is to go out and promote your company at local events. Craft sales, bake sales and garage sales are some of the best places to go out and get a table. These kinds of events will enable people in the area to see the name of your company. Furthermore, it will give you the chance to speak directly to the people in the area. And this is one of the best ways to advertize. There is no better method then direct contact with potential customers. You can increase traffic to your booth by providing samples, tokens or giveaways.

Fliers can be very effective. These papers can be made right at home on a good quality printer and they can be changed or updated at a very low cost to the business.

One of the really great things about fliers is the fact that there are countless places to use them. Many communities no longer have door to door mail service. Instead there are post boxes on the corners. These boxes make it fast and convenient for delivery. Fliers can be posted in many local stores, they can be put up on poles or they can be placed on car windshields.

If you have a car, get signs for the sides. Decals are not very expensive and they are effective. You would be amazed to learn how many people notice bright lettering on cars.

To really make these kinds of ideas effective be sure that you include your contact information. Put your email, your address and your phone number on the items. You have to tell people where they can find you and you have to do this as often as possible. Get your name and your contact information out to the public and use as many different methods as you can.

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