Color and Advertising

June 21, 2013

Advertising colorsMuch research has been done in regard to colors, consumers and advertising. Experts all agree, the colors that you choose can make a big impact on your advertising results. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you’re doing any type of advertising, you should spend some time determining the most effect colors to use.

Below are some facts and ideas that will help you decide which colors to choose and how to use them.

Colors can have a physical effect on people. Effects can range from feelings of calm and relaxation to even nausea. In fact, studies have shown that colors can even increase a person’s heartbeat. Therefore, it is important to know what the effects of different colors will have on a potential client before you create an advertizing campaign.

Colors and Cost

The colors, which you select, can have an affect on the overall price of your advertising items. If you do not have a large advertizing budget, it important to know that selecting signage which only uses a few colors or a single color will cost less money. Often, you can also save additional money if you use a stock background color. Ask the company what colors they have on hand, and then select two contrasting shades.

Colors Should Pop

To be effective, the colors have to “pop”. This means that you should never use two colors, which are similar in shade such as two light shades or two dark shades together. For example, you should avoid using a light yellow on a white background. The yellowing lettering will be extremely hard to read. The same thing applies to dark colors. Research shows, a dark red with a black background is not effective.

Colors and Ad Placement

Another important factor that you may have to think about is where the ad will be placed. For example, if you live in a place where there is a lot of snow, you may not want to have outdoor signage that has a lot of white. A white sign may become lost in the snowy background.

Color Choices

Probably the most important consideration is how colors relate to your product or service. For example, the color red is thought to be a power color. Seeing the color red can increase a person’s perceived energy and create a feeling of excitement. If you were trying to sell a relaxation chair, red would be a poor choice. You want people seeing the chair to feel calm and relaxed; therefore, you should select a color, which is calming and quiet.

Bright colors will catch people’s attention, but you have to be certain that you do not overuse them. Consider the shade of yellow. Children think of this color as one that is full of life and energy. However, studies show that many men think that yellow is silly and childish. Additionally, studies have also shown that large amounts of yellow have been known to make individuals feel sick and nauseous. Therefore, even when used to advertize children’s products, it should be used in moderation and with some prudence.

Color will have a large impact on your clients. Therefore, you have got to make certain that you choose your color scheme wisely.

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