Printed Lanyards and Logos

March 29, 2012

Printed lanyards are an effective advertizing strategy. Lanyards are items which are frequently chosen by companies to be used as either giveaway products or one to be used by their employees, in-house .

A logo is an important step in creating a company image. If you have a logo, a lanyard makes the perfect spot to help establish a bond between the name of the company and the logo. If you do not have a logo you should take the time to have one designed before you purchase your lanyards.

A logo should be effective regardless of its size. It is important that you think in term of the future. You may be at present designing a logo which will be used on a lanyard. However, tomorrow you may want to utilize that same logo on a fifteen foot billboard. With this in mind you have to create a logo which will look great regardless of its size.

Color is another matter to think about. If your company has a color scheme, you might want to think about using these colors in your logo. If you do not have a color theme you need to establish one. Colors are important; they have an impact on mood and feeling. You need to choose tones which will reflect the image of your business. For example, if your company has anything to do with plants or landscaping you should think about using a shade of green and make certain to avoid, colors like grey or brown.

It is also vital to have a good contrast between the color of the letters and the background. If you select two similar shades, it might make reading the lanyard difficult. You want to make certain that the lettering can be clearly seen.

One of the most important things about designing a logo is ensuring that it is unique. There are two main reasons for making certain that you do this. The first reason is that you do not want to infringe on any copy right laws. You may not think that your company is large enough to warrant the attention of larger firm. However, if your business does grow you do not want to have to change your logo in the future.

The other reason that you need to make the logo unique is the fact that it is going to represent your business. You want people to instantly seen the logo and recognize it as being yours. If your design is similar to that of another business people may confuse the two.

Combining the logo and the lanyard is an ideal way to increase local awareness about your company or your services. Before you go and order your lanyards make certain that you have a great logo design.

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