Custom Lanyards and Logos

April 7, 2012

Custom lanyards are a proven way to generate more business. They can increase your sales and boost the general public’s awareness in regards to your company. However, in order for a lanyard to be effective you, as an owner must design an effective cord. It must be one which clearly represents your company and what it does.

One item which numerous businesses include on their cords are logos. Logos are an item which many companies use in the same ay that they do their name. They place the logo on everything which is used by the company. In order for a person to create a lasting memory they need to see the name or symbol of the company numerous times. Having both the name and the logo of the business on a cord reinforces this practice. Furthermore, a logo creates an alternative or a back-up kind of reinforcement.

If you want to create an effective logo there are certain techniques which you should employ.


A logo must be effective in all sizes. A lanyard is a small item and your logo may look great when it is applied to the cord. However, a logo must also look great on a fifty foot billboard as well.


There are many different formats where you might want to utilize a logo. Lanyards are available in color and you can certainly create a color logo and have it printed onto the cord, but you should also ensure that it will look great in greyscale.


The goal of every business is to make money and stay viable. Since this is the overall goal of the company it is essential that you design a logo which will last. You have to ensure that your logo will not go out of style.


Many companies endeavor to create cute clever logos. However, it is often the simple ones which have more effect. Simple logos are also ones which tend to lend themselves well to both color and greyscale, they are also ones which normally appear effective regardless of size.


It is vital that you create a unique logo. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you do not want the general public to confuse your logo with one which belongs to another company. You want to make certain that each and every individual who see the logo knows that it belongs to you. Additionally, you do not want to infringe on any copy right laws. You may think that your company is small and will not generate the attention of a bigger firm. However, if your business does well and you do prosper you might encounter difficulties in the future. It is far better to make certain that you create a logo which will not need changing than one which may have to be altered in the future.

Well made and effectively designed lanyards can do wonders for any business. When planning custom lanyard designs make certain that you create an effective logo by following these simple tips.

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