The Remarkable Lanyard

April 6, 2012

The lanyard is a tool that was invented hundreds of years ago by sailors. Many inventions are created due to an urgent need. This was the case of the sailor; they had a vital need to be able to carry their knives while they were climbing the ropes of the ship. These ropes would have been slippery and wet at the best of times. However, when the weather was stormy this particular chore would have been nigh impossible.

The men on board these ships realized that there was a simple solution to this problem, and it was a lanyard. They recognized that they could combine their ability of tying knots with this need. They could tie the knife to a cord and then hang this rope around their neck. Using this technique they would always have their knife with them regardless of what they were wearing. Additionally, this method would allow them to have their hands free at all times for rope climbing.

The value of this invention was not lost on those who saw the lanyard being used by sailors, both on the ships and on the docks. Although, they might not have needed to carry a knife they realized that they could use this strategy to carry and hold other items. This principal has carried on through the years. In fact there is probably more lanyard in use now than ever.

People today are using lanyards in hundreds of different ways. Two of the most common uses for the lanyards are to carry keys and display an individual’s ID. These are both wonderful ways to utilize this invention, but there are many more application for this creation.

Lanyards can be used to carry virtually any kind of plastic drinking bottle. Many people choose to have a bottle of water with them while they go about their business. They carry them on a lanyard to ensure that they can have their hands free and yet still have the bottle with them. This is the perfect solution not only for working in the office, but for those individuals who are actively participating in outdoor sports.

Another way that people are using lanyards is to carry various kinds of personal safety items. It is possible to carry both offensive and defensive products on a cord. Attacks normally occur extremely quickly. If you are assaulted you are going to have to be able to react quickly. If your weapon is in your purse or pocket, you may not be able to reach it in time. However, if you keep your safety device on a cord it will always be right where you can reach it.

Although the lanyard is a simple invention which was created hundreds of years ago, it is still proving it to be a valuable tool in a very modern world.

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