Printed Lanyards and Introducing a Logo

January 19, 2012

Printed lanyards are the perfect place to introduce a company logo. In order for a logo or tagline to be effective, people must form a bond between the two. Without this bond people will have no idea what or who the logo represents,

The best way of creating a bond is to use both the name of the business and the logo together. People need to see the two together hundreds of times before it will become imprinted in their memory. A lanyard is worn around a person’s neck. Many people wear their lanyard every day to carry their ID or to hold their keys. Every time an individual puts on the lanyard they will see the name of the business and the logo. Furthermore all of their co-workers will see the two together as well. This is great daily reinforcement of the two.

If you have not yet selected a logo you should know a few tips to make certain that the logo will appear effective on you printed lanyards. A logo must be recognizable regardless of its size. A lanyard is not very wide, but the logo still needs to be clear. However, you must also consider the future. How will the logo look on a billboard?

You want to make certain that the logo looks great in both color and black and white. You can have your lanyard made using full color or you may prefer to have a woven lanyard designed. The design may look good in color, but have you thought about the way that it will look if it appears in print?

Expansion is something that you should think about. Many people design a logo that relates directly to the company. For example, if the company is a professional painting service they opt to use a paint brush as their symbol. The paint brush is great, but what happens f the company branches out into dry walling and building? The paint brush is no longer a true representation of the company; it only represents one aspect of the business.

A simple logo is often the best. People frequently get to

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