Personalized Lanyards

April 13, 2012

Personalized lanyards make an ideal gift. If you have never before thought about getting lanyards for someone special then it is time that you did!

There is always one person, on everybody’s list of friends and family who is impossible to buy for. This year, you should plan ahead and get personalized lanyards made for them. If the lanyard is for a birthday celebration you could have the name of the person printed onto the cord. You might also want to have the year of their birth included on the cord. A cord can even include a catchy phrase or a birth message.

If you do not have any ideas you can easily find hundreds of ideas online. If you prefer, you can use the internet to locate an inspirational or sentimental phrase. Alternatively, a famous quote could be place on the ribbon.

One idea that you might not have thought of is, the possibility of having an image placed upon the cord. The process which is known as full color or dye sublimation is capable of producing picture quality images on fabrics. Alternatively, you might want to think about having a cartoon rendering of the person printed onto the cord. Even if you are not artistically inclined, you can easily create an online avatar. If you have never before created an avatar they are not hard to make and you will be surprised at how close to the real thing you can make them.

Lanyards can also be included in the festivities themselves. One practice which has become very popular is to offer guests disposable cameras. These cameras are meant to be used throughout the party. Each guest is asked to take the camera and to get as many pictures as possible. Rather than leaving the cameras on the table present each person with a camera on a cord. Using this method will ensure that more people use the camera. Additionally, there is less chance of a camera becoming lost or misplaced.

Games are another way which lanyards can be utilized at parties. If the party is for a young person you can use the lanyards as part of a scavenger hunt. To make certain that each child has a list you can give them a lanyard wallet or pouch. The list can easily be stored inside. Furthermore, if the items that they are being required to find are small they can be kept in the pouch as well.

Another way to make use of the lanyard is to attach various noise makers to them. These do not have to be expensive. They can be the same kind that you get on New Year’s Eve. Horns, whistles, blowouts and hand clappers can all be attached to cords

If there is a hard to buy person on your list, you need to give serious consideration to purchasing personalized lanyards.

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