The Wedding and Personalized Lanyards

April 17, 2012

If you are planning a wedding you should make certain that your preparations include ordering personalized lanyards. Not only can lanyards be utilized at weddings in many different ways they can be completely personalized for the event.

The great thing about creating lanyards is the fact that a quality producer will give you choices throughout the manufacturing process. One of the things that you will be asked to decide is the kind of material that you wish to use. For a wedding you might want to select either satin or pure cotton. Both of these materials are soft and silky and have a classy appearance.

Another choice that you will get to make is the color of the lanyard. If you know the colors of the wedding then these might be the best choice. The wording on the cord is another item that you will need to decide. Some people like to have the name of both the bride and groom on the cord. Others prefer to have a sentimental saying or an inspirational quote.

Lanyards can be used to help with all kinds of various decorating ideas. They make the perfect anchor for balloon bouquets. Furthermore, due to a lanyard’s versatility they can be attached to almost anything both inside and out. Cords can be directly looped onto an item or they can be affixed using various clasps.

One new trend at wedding is the use of disposable cameras. The bridal couple leaves cameras on the tables for their guests to use during the event. At the end of the evening these cameras are collected and the newlyweds can get these pictures developed and include them in their weeding album. An alternative to leaving the cameras on the table is to attach them to lanyards. By implementing this stragey more people will wear the cords and more pictures will be taken. Additionally, fewer cameras will be lost or misplaced.

Many couples like to have a seating plan for their guests. The lanyard makes the perfect place card holder. Additionally, if the wedding is a large one, many of your guests may not know each other. The lanyard and place card can double as a personal name tag. These are a pleasant alternative to either asking your guests to wear a sticky tag or simply not using anything.

Personalized lanyards can also be a part of the actual celebration. One tradition which has become popular is banging spoons on glasses to get the newly married couple to kiss. A fun alternative to this is to provide noise makers on each lanyard. These can be the same kind of noise makers that are given out at New Year’s parties. You can purchase hand clappers or blowouts for the guests to sound when they want to see a kiss.

What really makes lanyards perfect is the fact that your guests can take the cords home after the celebration. Personalized lanyards make a wonderful souvenir of the happy occasion.

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