Personalized Lanyards – Selecting the Right Attachment

June 21, 2011

Personalized lanyards are ones that design and have made to your specifications. A lanyard by definition is a rope, or cord, that is worn around the neck. The rope is then used to hold or attach a tool or piece of equipment. As a lanyard wearer, you can choose which attachment and what you want to attach to the cord.

The first thing you have to do is to decide what you want to use your lanyard for. Once you have determined its purpose, you can select the right attachment.

If you are planning to use the lanyard to carry your cell phone, you should check your phone for a loop attachment. Many makes and models of phones have these special loops so that you can attach it to a lanyard. You might want to consider selecting a detachable cell phone loop. Other considerations might be getting a swivel hook or a simple lanyard hook. If your phone does not have this particular feature then you might want to think about attaching the lanyard to the cell phone carrying case. Snap hooks are perfect for this purpose.

If you are getting a personalized lanyards to carry a recyclable water bottle, you should look into a rubber ring attachment. Many companies are realizing that people are using lanyards to carry their bottles and are making reusable bottles with loop caps to accommodate this trend.

Lanyards are often used to carry keys, and if you do plan to use your lanyard as a key holder, you want to make certain that you pick an attachment that will be right for you. One option is to get a detachable key ring holder. This attachment allows you to separate the keys from the lanyard. You can even use this attachment to separate a particular key. This is extremely useful if you want to separate your car key, but want to keep the rest of the keys on the lanyard. Of course, you can always pick the most common option, which is the split ring. These rings can carry a number of keys, and they are relatively difficult to open. This choice will ensure that your keys will never accidentally fall off.

If you want to use your lanyard to carry either your sunglasses or your prescription glasses you need to get the special glasses’ attachment. These attachments will safely secure your glasses but will not scratch or damage the arms.

The traditional lanyard hook is ideal for many applications. If you want, you can use it to carry a camera. Many cameras have loops similar to those that are on a cell phone. You may also want to think about using a lanyard to carry your MP3 player or similar musical device.

If you are an avid outdoor person, you might want to think about making certain that the attachment you select can carry a portable GPS unit.

One important thing to think about is the fact that if you do have a heavy-duty webbed lanyard, you can have more than one attachment. You can attach both your keys and a water bottle to the same lanyard.

Personalized lanyards are only personal if you take the time to make certain that you select the correct attachments. The right attachment can make all the difference.

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