School Lanyards and Safety

August 5, 2013

School LanyardsSafety and school, these are two words which should go hand and hand. People send their children off to school with the expectation that they will return healthy and happy. And to help ensure that this happens, many facilities are choosing to use lanyards.

How are school lanyards being used?

The schools are using them to display student ID cards. In the past, children were issued a picture ID card that they may or may not have had with them when they went to school. However, due to recent tragic events, many places are now asking that these cards be worn. In some institutions this is mandatory. Students who do not have their cards on display may be asked to leave.

To ensure that children are able to meet this requirement and do it in a uniform way, numerous places are issuing lanyards to all the students and in some cases the facility. This works well for countless reasons including the fact that they can be worn by anyone regardless of their age or size. Additionally, the cords can be worn with anything. This means that children can wear them during a winter recess or while they are in gym class.

This system works well and it does increase the school’s level of security. However, it can be improved. To make this strategy even better, a school can offer breakaway cords.


Children play hard. They like to run, climb and wrestle. This can be dangerous if they have a cord hanging around their neck. However, this danger can be eliminated by adding the breakaway option. This particular buckle is specially designed to spring open. This opening action occurs the second that the cord is pulled or tugged whether it be deliberate or accidental. To have it open, the wearer does not have to do anything. This makes it perfect for children, because if it does get caught they will not be injured. They do not have to think about the cord or trying to remove it, it will simply pop off if they get it snagged or another child pulls it.

The breakaway safety feature is available with most cords. It can be combined with either the flat or the tubular varieties. Additionally, it can be combined with any kind of printing. Furthermore, when a school orders this particular option, it will add very little to the overall price.

In most cases the average cost of a cord is about a dollar per unit. This price normally includes the cord and any printing. It also can include many of the different types of clasps. Although, this basic price does not normally include the safety breakaway, the cost is pennies per unit. This is a minimal amount to pay if it will prevent serious injuries. To make this even more appealing, manufacturers will often waive the cost of shipping and handling.

The breakaway feature is perfect for all children, especially younger ones. For schools that want to make certain their students are protected, the inexpensive lanyard is the perfect choice.

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