Lanyards For Teacher

April 19, 2011

lanyards for teacherLanyards for teachers are the perfect appreciation gift. In past days, it was customary for a student to bring an apple to a teacher. Times change and an apple is no longer the gift of choice. Many people buy teachers chocolates or flowers. These things are not only expensive; they show very little in the way of thought or true gratitude. If you are looking for a way to show a special teacher how much you value their work, get them a lanyard.

The reason that you buy a gift for anyone is to show them how you feel. In the case of a teacher, you are trying to express your thanks. To genuinely show your gratitude you should spend a bit of time and thought on the gift and the person to whom you are giving the present. One of the best ways to express thanks is to have a gift personalized.

Lanyards for teachers can be completely customized. If you are only getting a single lanyard, you might want to have the teacher’s name put on it. Alternatively, you could have the name of the school written right on the lanyard and have it made up in the colors of the school.

If you have more than one child who is going to need a gift for the teacher you can easily have a slogan put on the lanyard. If you cannot think of anything to put on the lanyard, consider using one of these:

  • I Care About Kids
  • Hooked on learning
  • Knowledge is Power
  • World’s Greatest Teacher
  • This Teacher Gets an A+
  • A+ Teacher
  • Putting Children First
  • Education is My Vocation
  • Learning is a Team Effort

People are watching their pennies very closely these days and if you have more than one child, trying to buy gifts for valued teachers could quickly add up. Lanyards are very inexpensive. You can purchase a number of lanyards at the same time and get an even better price. Lanyards are small and easy to store, they do not go out of date and will last for years. You can have a number of lanyards made and then give them out to teachers year after year.

The lanyard can be given at any time. You may want to give the gift as a way of thanking the teacher for taking the children on a special field trip. You may be looking for a simple Valentine for the teacher or maybe an end of the year gift. The lanyard will fit any of these occasions and many others.

The next time that you and your child are trying to think of something for the teacher, consider a lanyard. Lanyards for teachers will definitely earn you both an A for effort and thought.

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