Lanyards as Gifts: Who Can Use a Lanyard?

September 12, 2011

Lanyards are something most people would never think of when it comes to gift-giving. That’s unfortunate, because they’re not only extremely useful, but they can benefit a variety of different individuals. They’re also relatively inexpensive and imprinted lanyards are a practical gift that the recipient can actually use. There are a number of people that will benefit from a lanyard gift.

Teachers and Coaches: A wonderful end-of-the-year or holiday gift for teachers, a lanyard can hold keys, identification cards, and even bathroom passes for classrooms. Specialty lanyards can be ordered with the teacher’s name or with the school colors. They’re also a great gift for coaches, and a perfect place to carry a coach’s whistle.

Students: Lanyards are great for students. Children who walk home can attach their keys to the pen lanyards so they won’t lose them. Students who must wear identification cards can keep them on their lanyards, and lunch cards can be attached to them as well. This is a great idea for a child who is forgetful or often misplaces items.

Co-Workers and Employees: Lanyards are a wonderful gift for co-workers and employees, especially if they’re printed with the business name and website. They can be given as prizes for the best productivity or as gifts for certain holidays or birthdays. Not only will they be functional and practical, but they’re useful promotional tools as well. Since they’re affordable, they can be purchased in bulk for companies with numerous employees.

Scouts and Other Groups: In the same way that lanyards are great for co-workers and employees, they’re a perfect gift for individuals in different groups, like boy or girl scouts.

Housewarming Gifts: Lanyards aren’t just for wearing! They can be used in a number of different ways around the house. Attach various kitchen tools to lanyards and give them as gifts along with a small key hook. The lanyards can be hung from the hooks and will hold things like can openers, bottle openers, corkscrews, and other small tools that often get lost in the kitchen. The same thing can be done for someone who appreciates an organized garage. Small, often-used tools can be attached to the lanyards and suspended from hooks so they’re never misplaced.

Gag Gifts: Do you know someone who always loses their glasses, keys, ID, or something else? Give them a laugh and a practical gift with a lanyard. Attach the

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