All About Custom Lanyards

September 15, 2011

To start with I wonder how many people have ever heard of this word before, since up to this moment I have never heard anyone mention this word in the trillions of conversations I have had with people during my lifetime. For one thing it has nothing to do with any type of yard, not the front yard or back yard whatsoever. It also has nothing to do with land. So what is a lanyard anyways?

Basically a lanyard is cord or rope usually worn by people around their neck or wrists to carry something usually of importance thus worn so it will not be lost or stolen. Not only does it decrease the risk of losing something important it also allows for the object to be visible at all times. However it is not just solely worn on people.

It can be used for such things as securing objects on a ship and has been worn by individuals in the military to attach a gun or a whistle to their uniform. Lanyards were useful for those in the military when there was a good likelihood of the object being lost, commonly worn by naval officers at sea. A solidly made custom lanyard can be easily taken off and then re-attached, yet will stay attached to the military person’s gun while being drawn or remaining in the holster.

Lanyards of a variety of different colors and patterns are often on the military’s uniforms on the shoulders to signify their qualification or affiliation. Many wore their lanyard on the left side of their uniform which allowed them to easily grab onto the whistle which then enabled him to stay connected with his troop.

As time went on bargain lanyards became more of a creative and fun item to make and wear. One type of lanyards can be made of fabric that is braided with a clip that is fastened on the end. It then holds someone’s name within a plastic pouch and are often seen being worn on individuals in businesses or perhaps even at a concert or a play. Basically it can be worn at any place which requires others to swiftly distinguish someone’s authority as in the above mentioned venues and more.

Lanyards can also be worn in public places such as at a gym or public swimming pool to ensure that the keys or other important items attached to it will not be lost. Just a few of the materials seen in nylon lanyards, polyester, satin and silk. Other materials can be used as well; they just need to be of a very durable quality. If you intend on carrying important items such as your house or car keys, you will need a strong material that you can rely upon.

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