Blank Lanyards – Hundreds of Uses

May 14, 2012

Blank lanyards have hundreds of uses. These cords can be worn in the office, at home or on vacation.

In the office the lanyard is often utilized to carry and display an individual’s ID. The ID card can be held on an alligator or bull clip. These clips can hold either a vertical or horizontal card. Alternatively, IDs can be held in a wallet or case. Each type of case has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most basic case is the soft plastic one. This simple holder will protect a card from water damage, but it will not prevent the Id from being either bent or cracked. However, this case is normally the least expensive.

The hard plastic option will prevent the card from being bent but it will not prevent fading. The sun’s rays can damage a card that is worn by a person who has to be outside. To prevent UV damage a holder must have a UV coating adding. There are a number of possible choices which have this option but they will be more expensive than the basic soft case.

At home the lanyard can be used to carry and hold an individual’s cell phone. A phone can be carried on a cord using a cell phone loop. The loop can be slid through a built in hook on the phone. If you phone does not have this feature. You can attach the phone using an attachment which will clamp onto a cover. Another method is to carry the phone in ether a holder or a pouch.

On a vacation the lanyard can be used to keep an emergency supply cash supply secure. A small soft lanyard case can hold enough cash to guarantee your safety for two or three days. Furthermore, this cord can be hidden under a person’s shirt. If you are mugged or attacked, there is an extremely good chance that this stash will go unnoticed.

When choosing lanyards you should remember that a lanyard can hold more than a single item. For example, if the wearer is using a soft plastic case to hold their ID, they can also carry their keys and a drink on the cord. At home an individual can have their phone and their pruning shears on the lanyard. This strategy will make this yard chore much easier and safer.

Lanyards are an extremely beneficial product to have no matter where you are or what you are doing. All of the suggestions in this article are only a small fraction of the ways that a person cans utilize a cord. There are hundreds of possible applications and combinations.

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