What Are Some Uses for Lanyards?

August 25, 2011

Today, lanyards are used for many purposes. They are customized for particular events and needs as well as being made for adults and children. Their use includes everything from security to identification and advertising. The end of the lanyard will contain a way of attaching the item that needs to be secured. This may be a reel, bull dog clip, key ring or a swivel hook.

The use of lanyard for schools and universities is a popular one. They are typically used to allow the school security to know who belongs and who does not. This type can be imprinted with school colors or logos. The school motto or the mascot may be used. This has become more prevalent today with the number of problems experienced by schools.

The NBA lanyards can also be used for sporting events. They allows those attending as well as coaches, players and others can show support by wearing lanyards that have the team colors or the name. Additionally, they can contain the logo and can be used for carrying a variety of items to the game.

People who travel a lot may find a lanyard quite useful. They can be used to carry identification or other pertinent information that needs to be easily accessible to travelers. They may also be customized with various themes from the country of the travelers. The national colors are a choice. The flag or just the name of the country can be added to personalize the lanyard.

If your church has religious retreats, the printed lanyards 4 sale can be customized for the event. Imprinted with the event or biblical verses or religious symbols, this is a use that can be quite beneficial in allowing members to easily recognize others who are attending.

Sometimes lanyards are chosen just for the theme. They are available in a variety of choices including everything from dogs, cats, birds, hearts, stars, musical notes and more. They can be customized with anything imaginable. A music class may use lanyards imprinted with notes from the musical scale. A ballet class could have custom made lanyards with ballerinas imprinted.

Casinos give lanyards to members to hold their membership cards. They are usually imprinted with the name of the casino. Medical alert companies use lanyards for holding devices that can be used in the event of a fall or injury to call for help. Campers wear lanyards to carry compasses, whistles, bottle openers and many other items that are useful while camping.

Those who work in the medical profession can find a custom lanyards small quantity quite useful. They can be worn by employees in a hospital setting with different colors for different departments. They often hold a badge that contains a microchip with the employee’s information.

There are so many uses and themes for lanyards and they can be worn in a variety of ways. The neck, the waist or wrist are popular ways of wearing them. They can be attached to a belt loop. The type that is worn on the wrist is often called a wristlet.

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