Get Your Lanyards Coaches!

November 19, 2011

Gymnastics is a very tough and competitive sport. There are many athletes that spend hours a day practicing in anticipation of the upcoming gymnastics event. When the time comes to make their appearance on the track or mat in front of the judges, they need to be prepared. The coaches can help their athletes be prepared by handing out customizable lanyards prior to the event.

In many gymnastic competitions, in order to get down to the floor level to compete, the athlete will need to have an identification or badge. This badge must be seen to gain access to the warm up area and prior to the start of the competitive event. When the athletes have a lanyard to hang their badge from then they are more likely to have it ready to be shown at the door.

The great thing about lanyards is that you can find them made in many different colors. No matter if your team colors are black and yellow or blue and red, you will be able to find lanyards that will reflect your team pride with each person that is wearing one. Even the parents may decide to wear one in the team colors and hand a picture of their athlete from it. This is a great way to get the parents involved and let them show their pride as well.

If the badges or identification pieces have to be laminated before the event, be sure to get them laminated and have a hole cut in one corner so the lanyard can be attached. When you have them laminated it makes it much sturdier so you may want to have them laminated even if it is not a requirement. The lanyard will only keep it safe if it does not fall off of the cord.

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