What do You Use a Lanyard For?

August 10, 2011

Increasing in popularity in recent years many people are using custom lanyard for a wide variety of reasons. One thing that one can always count on is the level of creativity that is displayed by humans once they have had the opportunity to apply something designed for another primary purpose to another use, and the lanyard is certainly no exception to this rule. With its origins in sailing to secure rigging for the sails and military applications for use in firing cannons, the lanyard has found new life today with a wide variety of alternate uses.

  • Badge holder – Perhaps the most prominent use of a lanyard today is its use as a badge holder in many businesses to identify employees or to make swipe cards readily available. Usually worn around the neck, these lanyards are light weight and comfortable to wear.
  • Key rings – Many people like to use a lanyard to provide easy access to a set of keys. If one constantly needs to access a set of keys, it is often very convenient to attach a lanyard to ones belt and then attach the key ring to the other end.
  • Small cameras – Many manufacturers will attach a custom printed lanyards to small compact hand held cameras with the lanyard designed to slip onto your wrist to provide easy access while keeping the camera from dropping to the ground and being damaged. In addition, a lanyard will sometimes be attached to lens covers so this protective devise is easily retrieved to protect the lens when the camera is not being used.
  • Decorative – Lanyards are often used in military dress uniforms today to add that little something extra to the appearance of the uniform.
  • USB flash drive holder – Those that use a USB flash drive on a regular basis don’t want to constantly fish in their pocket for their flash drive. These people will get a lanyard specifically designed for their USB flash drive (quick disconnect versions are available) so they have easy access to their USB flash drive whenever they need it.
  • Access to a knife or box cutter – A number of people that work in shipping and receiving functions will use a lanyard attached to a knife or box cutter to have ready access to this tool for opening shipping containers and boxes.
  • Locator pins – Commonly used in manufacturing, cheap custom lanyards are often used with fixtures that use locating pins to align a part prior to machining. These locating pins are attached to the fixture on one end with a lanyard so they are readily available yet are capable of reaching the area needed to put the pin into the location hole.
  • Duck calls – Yes, duck calls! Duck calls are often put onto a customizable lanyards so the hunter can use the duck call to draw the ducks over to the area. Once the ducks have been drawn in, the hunter will simply let go of the duck call allowing it to quickly drop so they can raise the rifle quickly to be able to shoot.

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