Promote Your Business with a Low Cost Lanyard

August 7, 2011

What was once old is now new again. With a history going back centuries, the lanyard has seen a reemergence today as a practical means to keep an article close at hand or on display. In wide use today as an item worn around the neck to carry a badge holder, a whistle, a set of keys, a USB memory stick, or perhaps a pocket knife, lanyards have become a popular accessory, especially with today’s youth. Many organizations, including businesses, having noticed this phenomenon have wisely taken the next step to use low cost lanyards as promotional items to advertise their organization or business.

Available in a variety of styles such as cord, tube, beaded or ribbon (flat), the ribbon or flat style is probably the most popular lanyard style for use as a promotional item for the reason of its ability to be an excellent vehicle for branding promotion and a low cost way of advertising. Available in a number of different widths and lengths is it easy to have one’s organization or business name woven into the material with other important features like a phone number or web address so that people using, or seeing, the lanyard on a regular basis will have easy access to your contact information.

When used as a promotional devise for a business, logo lanyards that have been made with company identification information are most often handed out to customers as a “give-away.” Useful and functional, many people appreciate a lanyard as a small gift and will most often be favorably influenced by the company’s small token of appreciation displayed. A low cost way of saying a quick “Thank You” to your customer, the use of promotional advertising via lanyards has definitely picked up in the past few years.

Being very popular and functional, lanyards are often used by non-profit organizations, schools, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, etc. as a fundraising tool for their organization. With the low cost of purchase in many cases under a $1.00 ea. lanyards can easily be sold at fundraiser activities to generate money to support special outings or other group activities. Just like a business that uses lanyards for promotion, these non-profit organizations can also have their logo printed lanyards created with their organizations name to make them identity items and to generate a little “team spirit.”

Additionally, non-profit organizations like the scouts, summer camp arts and crafts sessions, or any other area where it may be desirable to create an activity to both teach and occupy the time of children, activities can be arraigned for teaching how to make lanyards supplies on their own. Organizations like Junior Achievement have excellent opportunities to use making lanyards and selling them, or purchasing lanyards for subsequent sale, as a business model opportunity.

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