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August 30, 2013

free business resourcesFree is a word that is not often heard in the world of business. In fact, many businesses are very wary when they hear this word being used in relation to anything. Owners find themselves searching for an underlying motive or hidden cost. However, there are a number of different resources that can be found on the internet that are just that, free. Furthermore, these resources are valuable, and can aid your business in many different ways.

There is no better resource than knowledge. Learning everything you can about business will help you to know how and when to expand. It can teach you what pitfalls to avoid and it can give you great tips on becoming a great manager.

Where can you find these things on the internet? A good place to start is by locating eBooks online. Although, there are numerous sites, which offer free online books, one of the best places to obtain to obtain eBooks is at the Gutenberg Project where you’ll find one of the largest collections of free eBooks available online.

If you are looking for help or advice, you might have thought of hiring a consultant. Sadly, these experts frequently come with a hefty price tag. However, there is a solution for a company that cannot afford one of these specialists and that is a site called SCORE. The site offers numerous different services with one of their best being the mentor program. A free service, the mentor program allows you access to knowledgeable people who have many years of experience in the world of business. Additionally, when searching the site, you may be able to find a mentor who is familiar with your particular company’s services and/or product.

Score is also able to offer general business advice with the numerous articles they have archived on various topics. You can get information on everything from ideas to franchising, as well as legal advice and management tips.

Small businesses can benefit from the information that can be found on (U.S. Small business Developments Centers). This site provides all kinds of great information to small business owners including documents about grants and loans. Additionally, this site offers advice about starting up and operating almost any kind of company with their online learning center.

One aspect of the SBA site that makes it really stand out is the assistance that is offered. In addition to online videos and training sessions, it is possible to chat to live people.

Free business software is also available online. However, when you are trying to locate good software, you may find yourself having to wade through all kinds of spam and advertizing. An alternative is to use a site like “Datamation”, which offers a list of resources that they have found to be useful. The products listed include recovery software, storage places, back-up resources, customer relationship management and merchant software.

Tweakyourbiz is another site that offers a list of resources to businesses in a number of different business categories. They have direct links to resources such as business tasks, collaboration tools, and tracking sites.

No matter what kind of company you own, you can find useful information and products on the World Wide Web, all of which can be obtained for free.

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