Lanyards and Trade Shows

August 27, 2013

custom-trade-show-lanyards1What is the best way to promote your company with lanyards at trade shows and conventions. There are a number of innovative ways, some of which will be covered below.

1> Contact the event organizers and offer to assist them with their security system. Color coded lanyards, with your name and logo on the cord, can be given to each and every person at the show. Furthermore, you could offer to provide different colors for each major group of people. For example, blue would be for sellers, red for security and yellow for paying guests.

2> Speak to the event coordinators and find out what kind of welcome package is being offer to guests. If they intend to provide guests with a map and a schedule, you could offer a lanyard and a wallet. Both of these items could be placed into the wallet along with other pieces of information that the visitor might need.

To make the cord more appealing to the event organizers, you could offer to have the name of the show included on the cord, or any other piece of information that might be relevant. This could be the date, the location or perhaps the name of the sponsor.

3> Get yourself a booth at the event and distribute your own cords. You can hand out these promotional items to any person that you thought would benefit from them. If you want to make each lanyard count, it is essential that you have the opportunity to speak to them and evaluate their interest in you and your company.

4> You could approach another seller and ask if they would be willing to distribute your cords from their booth. Many businesses will be willing to do this for you, because offering free items attracts people. If you are considering this kind of approach, make certain that you do not try to recruit a company that is too close in nature to your own. They may be unwilling to assist you, simply because they feel that you are the competition.

5> Ask the event organizers if you would be permitted to hand out free cords to every person at the event. In this strategy, you would simply stand by the entrance and present your giveaway to visitors who enter. This method can save you the cost of renting a booth.

6> If you are intending to hand out the cords, you should think about having your business cards attached to them. You can do this by selecting the bull or alligator clip. Alternatively, you could include a wallet case and place your card inside.

Whichever strategy you decide to use, you must have a great lanyard. The cord, which you are intending to offer to people, must have your name printed on. You might also want to include your contact information; this could be your email, your website or your blog. Alternatively, you could have the address of your store and/or your phone number.

Lanyards are one of the best promotional products on the market. And, one of the best places to hand them out is at a trade show or convention.

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