Lanyards & the World of Sports

September 6, 2013

Image1Lanyards do far more than carry and hold ID cards. In fact, they have hundreds of different uses and one of the areas where they really excel is in the world of sports.

The lanyard is often seen being worn by referees. It makes the perfect place for officials to carry and hold their whistles. The cord carrying method allows them to reach and blow the whistle almost instantly. Whistles can also be used by anyone who is participating in water sports.

A whistle or horn is an item that is recommended by every water safety organization. However, to be effective the whistle has to be with the person at all times. The cord carrying method makes it possible for the athlete to have the whistle, if they should be thrown into the water.

The cord carrying method is ideal for coaches who want to use a stop watch to time their athlete’s progress. Having the timer on a cord frees up the trainers hands to hold charts and other relevant documents.

Runners need to hydrate regularly. To ensure that they always have a drink available, they can carry their drink. Clasps like o rings and bottle clamps can be used to hold plastic bottles or refillable drink containers.

Fisherman find lanyards particularly beneficial. They use the cords to create their ideal portable tackle kit. Things like clippers, extra lures, bait and bobbers can all be held on a single cord. Additionally, this method can be used both on shore and in a boat. It can be used while summer fly fishing or during ice fishing.

People who like to participate in the great sport of orienteering, or do long distance running, can use their cord to carry their compass. This is especially useful if the runner is going through a relatively unknown area. Alternatively, they can use it to hold a pedometer. These useful gadgets keep track of the person’s distance.

Any athlete, who is working on their cardio, should have a heart monitor with them. These devices monitor an individual’s heartbeat. Watching the heart rate at all times allows the person to know if they are working too hard or not hard enough.

Lanyards can also be used by athletes to ensure their safety. Athletes like cyclists and runners often find themselves in remote areas or doing their training late at night. To make certain that they are safe, they can carry small items like tasers or pepper spray on their cord. They can also use it to carry their cell phone.

Cords can be used to hold note books and pencils. This is an ideal stragey for people who want to track their results. It means that they can instantly write things down as they happen.

The lanyard is a wonderful office tool, but it can also be an athlete’s biggest helper.

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