Effective Branding Tips

July 10, 2013

BrandingBranding is something that all businesses must do if they want their company to grow and become recognized by consumers.

Following the tips below will take you a long way to accomplishing your branding goals.


This is a word, which you will hear repeatedly in terms of advertizing. You have to be consistent. What does this actually mean? It means that you must use the same colors with everything that is associated with your company. The exact same colors that are used on large signs should be the same ones that are on your business cards. Additionally, the style of your message, taglines and slogans should be consistent as well.


As an owner, you should know absolutely everything about your product or service. You should know every tiny minute detail. However, your customers do not need to know these things. If you go into too much technical jargon, many potential customers will walk away. They will look for something that is simpler and easier to understand.

Separate Your Product

When branding your item, you have to devise a way of making it different from all of your competitors. You want your customers to instantly know your company.

To clearly understand this step you should ask yourself a few questions. What is it about your item that is different? Is it the price? Is it its life expectancy? Is it that you have improved it? The answer to these questions is the message that you have to get out to your target market.

Taking the time to clearly define the product in your own mind will better enable you to pass this message onto your customers.

Simple Mottos

When trying to send a message to customers it is important to keep the phrase simple. Many companies make the mistake of creating taglines that are long or are overly clever. Sentences which are long and complicated will not be remembered. If you cannot create what you feel is an effective line, try using simple descriptive words. Use messages that clearly define the most important aspect of your company and/or product.


Simply having the name of your business on an item or card is not enough. You want people to see other branding images at the same time.  It is important that people see the name, the motto and the contact information of your company grouped together. Doing this creates a bond between the components enabling you to use them on their own once your brand has been built.


To be effective, all branding has to be seen and it must be seen repeatedly. You have to display the name in as many places as possible. This means that you should use branding on your car, street signs, letterhead and business cards. You should use it on every article, blog and web page. It should also be placed on any and all promotional items.

Branding is a term that big advertizing companies use. However, you do not have to be a big company to create effective branding.

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