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July 11, 2013

Time Management ClockWhen you are working for someone else, your time is planned for you. They determine when you will work, when you will take breaks and even when you can take your holidays. However, if you decide to open your own business, you become the boss. You get to make all of the decisions. This is one of the main reasons why people opt to start a business and it is a great one. However, for many individuals, this aspect of the business can also be one of the biggest issues.

There are two very different but distinct trends that people with their own businesses seem to follow. There are those which become workaholics. These people work twenty-four seven, seven days a week. They never have time for anything other than work. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those individuals, which cannot seem to stay focused and end up wasting much of their time.

The tips below will help both these kinds of people better manage their time.

1> Create a daily work schedule and stick to it.  At the beginning of each month, put together a monthly plan and then break it up into daily tasks. Be sure to finish your daily jobs on schedule and keep track of your progress.

2> Plan your daily, weekly and monthly breaks. Breaks are an important part of any schedule. Stopping for fifteen minutes during the morning will you give you the chance to refresh yourself, gather you thoughts and refocus.

Many people think that they get more done by pushing through. However, many scientific studies have proven this to be inaccurate. Take scheduled breaks and you will end up accomplishing more in the long run.

3> Have a business telephone line. This may cost a few extra dollars, but it is well worth the expense. Having a dedicated line will ensure that the line is never busy when a business call is coming through. Additionally, it ensures that you separate business from personal calls (which, if practical, should go to an answering machine while you’re working).

4> Keep set hours. If you are working at home, make certain that your family knows your hours. Do not just inform your family; post your daily routine in a clearly visible location. This way you do not need to waste time explaining that you are busy, they will know at a glance.

5> Create a permanent office space. This serves two purposes. The first is that you will not have to waste time setting up each day and the second is to help separate work from leisure and family life. The office area should be considered out of bounds after hours.

No matter what kind of business you intend to run, you have to have balance. This is key to succeeding. You have to set limits both with your family and friends and on yourself. Separate personal and work time and stick to your schedule.

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