Hunting Season Is Here

November 25, 2011

It is time to get your gun and go get a buck. The hunting season is upon us. For many hunters, this time of the year is one that they wait anxiously for from the day that the last season ended. It is a chance for them to get out into the woods and hunt down that perfect ten point buck that they have been dreaming of.

When a hunter goes out in the woods on a hunt for a deer, it is not likely to be a short trip. You must be very patient in order to get a good shot off at the best deer in the woods so they must take only the essentials with them and be prepared to spend some time waiting.

One thing that every hunter needs to have with them is a lanyard that carries their compass. A lanyard is a rope or cord that is used to hang something around the neck or the wrist. For a hunter, the lanyard will be used to hold a pouch that contains their compass and maybe some other small items that they will need out in the woods.

Keeping these items close to their bodies is important because if the lanyard were to get snagged on a branch as they make their way quietly through the woods, it could cause enough of a disturbance that it would scare any deer that may be around away very quickly. This is why it is often recommended that the lanyard be kept inside of your jacket or shirt. It cannot snag on anything if it is tucked away in your clothing.

Keeping your compass on a school lanyards is a great idea because if you were to put it in your pocket you could easily drop it while you are climbing the tree stand or crouching inside of your blind. If you loose your compass then you may find it difficult to find your way back after you have tracked the deer that you shot.

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