Shopping Safely

November 28, 2011

It is more common these days for you to turn on your television and see that someone has been robbed while trying to enjoy the day at the local mall or shopping area. Typically this happens when someone gets their purse stolen or when someone lifts a mans wallet out of his jacket pockets. Thieves are tricky these days so it is important to protect your valuables and to keep a close eye on your money.

There are different ways that you can do this. For a man, it is a great idea to keep your cash somewhere other than your wallet. You can carry your wallet in your pocket but keep your cash in a different pocket. When you do this you can almost guarantee that if someone steals your wallet you will still have money to call the police or to get something to drink or eat while you are waiting for the report to be filed.

Most people who steel a wallet are looking for cash. If you have credit cards or other items in there you are likely to find that they are discarded in the nearest dumpster and not used at all. You should still cancel your credit cards immediately once you discover that your wallet has been stolen but the chances are good that they were actually looking for your cash for low cost lanyards.

For women, keeping a close eye on your purse at all times is crucial. It is even better to not carry one at all. You can very easily find a lanyard that you can attach a small pouch to that is the perfect size to hold your identification and your money. You can wear a lanyard around your neck and tuck the pouch into your shirt or you may decide to go with a wrist lanyard that straps securely to your wrist.

A lanyard is a great idea for a man that is worried about being robbed. The pouch can be worn around the neck so that your possessions are close and in sight when you need them. Someone would have to be very bold to try to steal something from a lanyard since they would almost have to let you know that they are doing it.

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