Special Lanyards You May Want to Consider

October 28, 2011

While many companies prefer traditional lanyard that simply hold ID badges on them, some companies need something a bit different. If you need something beyond what standard lanyards have to offer, you will find that some special lanyards are available and they have some exciting things to offer you. Here is a look at some of the special lanyards you may want to consider.

One type of special lanyard is the watch lanyard. These lanyards actually have a watch included on them. These items make great gifts for customers. Also, they can be a great option for employees as well, since the presence of the watch can help them pay better attention to time.

Another of the special lanyards available are reflective and florescent lanyards. The benefit of these special items is that they can easily be seen at night. If you have employees that work outdoors at night, these can be wonderful options for them. This way they can be easily seen, even in the dark.

Memory stick lanyards are another option that you may want to consider if you are looking for something beyond the standard lanyards. These items work well if you have employees that need to carry data from place to place. Also, memory sticks are popular and often used today, making them a great promotional gift as well. While they will cost a bit more, they do have a lot to offer too.

These are just a few of the special lanyards that are available to you. When you need something beyond the standard options, you may find your needs met by a special lanyard. Consider these special options and how they can benefit your company. No doubt, you’ll find that the benefits offered are well worth the extra money you’ll pay for them.

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