Lanyards – A Mechanics Friend

December 7, 2011

Ask any mechanic and he will tell you that he wishes he had a third arm to hold a light so he can see what is going on in the engine. It can be frustrating when no one is around to help and you have to try to hold the flashlight with one hand and do the work in the car with the other. A great solution to this problem is to have a lanyard.

A lanyards supplies is a rope or strap that is used to hold items around your neck or around your wrist. When a mechanic needs help holding a light, he can simply put on the lanyard and attach a battery operated light to the clasp. With the light hanging around their neck they will have both hands free to do the work that they need to do.

The lanyard is perfect because as they lean into the car, they can place the small flashlight on the edge of the engine compartment and position it so that it shines the light exactly where they need it. If they bump the light they do not have to worry about it falling to the ground because it is securely attached to the lanyard around their necks.

This would be the perfect gift to give a mechanic that spends a great deal of time working on cars or trucks in their driveway or garage. They will surely appreciate the gesture and you may even find that you can get a discount on any repairs that you may need currently or in the future. Giving them an extra hand is something that will help them with each and every job that they complete. They will be thankful and will likely spend some time wondering how such a small item can be such a great help in their work.

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